I Dream of Fashionable Services to Fit My Shape: Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week

FEBRUARY 15th, 2011 – MyShape, Inc. has officially ceased operations. Please see Kim’s suggestions for similar websites below.

JANUARY, 28th, 2011 – UPDATE: An insider gave me word that MyShape may be going under. Recently, the company posted on their website that it is suspending their retail operational services until further notice. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Kim has found other websites that offer similar services that you can use in the meantime; the links to other comparable

service sites are below:

I have a dream.  A dream that one day in the not too distant future, I will turn on my laptop and be electronically body scanned for size, shape, and proportion.  Those readings will equate to my personal measurements, and be matched to the corresponding measurements of apparel brought to me by an unending sea of designers.  I will be gingerly guided to pieces that will be a great fit, and be warned of pieces that will make me appear 5 months pregnant or give me muffin top.  When I make a purchase online, I will know immediately that the garment will fit and look amazing, and will blindly purchase what is suggested for me without even once clicking on a size chart.  And this service, my friends, will be free of charge to me and every high maintenance fashion consumer in the world.  One day this will be the reality of the industry, one day.

Until that day is upon us, I bring you the newest member of my Fashion Services little black book…My Shape.  http://www.myshape.com/shop/invite/1121029

To begin the experience, be sure you have a tape measure in hand when you enter My Shape’s virtual playground.  Sadly, there is no infrared scanner involved here so good old fashioned measurement taking is required.  My Shape will walk you through more measurements than you probably knew could be taken, and you will record each one in its appropriate field.  Illustrations are provided for guidance to be sure you are measuring exactly what they are asking you to measure.  Trust me; some of the labels are NOT self explanatory.

Upon completion of this measurement process, My Shape will classify your body type with a letter code of M, Y, S, H, A, P, or E.  Clever, huh?  Each classification is based upon the proportion of your shoulders, to your bust, to your hips, to your tummy…and so on.  I must say I was a bit surprised with my personal letter classification, but even after I went back and adjusted my measurements to be sure they were as honest as they could be, my letter remained the same.  A handful of questions followed, including one that asks if you would like items to be displayed with actual sizes or My Shape sizes.  For now, I’m still viewing the actual sizes with my recommended sizes marked with a green indicator.

Measurements taken, and questions answered, it’s time for the fun to begin.  A personal shop is created and viewable from its very own tab on My Shape’s home page, right next to the tab that will display all items versus only those recommended for your shop by My Shape.  All items, both in your personal shop and not, are very clearly marked beneath their thumbnail image with the MYSHAPE letters that correspond with the various body shapes the piece will best flatter.  It is so easily discernable which pieces you should consider that it is dummy proof.  There are also personalization options within each category that allow you to tell My Shape how you would rate particular looks, ultimately determining which items should fall to the top of your personalized views.  ***Sugar Tip: I found that this process was extremely time consuming, and completed it over the course of about a month.  It is very helpful once it has been done, but don’t be under the assumption that you will be viewing less than a dozen looks.

Initially, I was a bit thrown by the seemingly dowdy styles that appeared in my personal shop, and was turned off to the shopping experience.  It wasn’t until I took the time to view every item available that I realized that there is a sincere style mash up within My Shape’s shop, and treasures can be found but must be sought after.

Once I retrained my brain to be on the look out for amazing, I found it.  Nanette Lepore, Michael Kors, Trina Turk, 7 of All Mankind, BCBG, and more.  Once I realized what was waiting to be uncovered, I made a more serious effort to complete the personalization of my style within each category so that these little bits of fashionable heaven would find their way to the front window of my boutique window.  Personal selections in place, my shop soon became my favorite place to get lost in.

To test my new toy’s capabilities, I made my first purchase.  A Nanette Lepore lightweight Merino Wool sweater dress in brilliant hues of navy and cocoa brown with a sprinkle of sugary sparkle adding just a touch of elegance.  I did a bit of googling, and found the dress in Nanette Lepore’s current lineup at over twice the price My Shape offered it for, so I immediately snagged it.  From purchase to receipt, the process took about two weeks which is an extremely lengthy time period compared to the typical 5 – 7 days I am accustomed to.  I found myself becoming impatient, and questioning their service as a result.  When my package arrived, My Shapes halo was returned and they had completely redeemed their reputation in my eyes; I was once again a believer.  The dress was PERFECT, down to the attached tag and tiny packet of replacement sequins included by Nanette Lepore in case one was to escape.  When I tried the dress on, I was in love with the feel of the angelically soft fabric, the consciousness of the fit, and the way it flattered “My Shape” to the letter…so to speak.  This experience is the very definition of a Fashion Service, and I cannot recommend it more highly.

My dream may not yet be the reality of the industry, but clearly we fashionable minds are on the very brink of greatness.

P.S. – To give My Shape’s shipping process a fair shake; I placed a second order after my dress arrived with such a beautiful grand entrance.  I purchased an orange print silk tunic length top by Michael Kors that had been recommended for me and was priced under $30.  From purchase to receipt, it took about a week and a half but arrived even more gracefully than did my first purchase and even more beautiful in person.  For Heaven’s sake it wasn’t even wrinkled!  It seems their shipping process is ultimately just very slow.  I am, however, so in love with my two new purchases that I will continue to shop with My Shape and learn to practice patience.

***For an extra 80% off final / sale items through February 4th, Enter Coupon Code: JAN2011


  1. Ola kinberly,

    I would like to invite you to come to LOFT 1513 Boutique for pick of the week. Be aware that it could be dangerous….So much great stuff!


  2. OH NO!!!! I’m heartbroken that myshape.com might be going under!!!

  3. Sara…we AGREE! What a shame. Their idea is a phenomenal one, I hope they can turn it around!

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