I Am An Exercise Hater.

I am an exercise hater.  There is something about the mere idea of sweating like a pig for an hour, when I would much rather be retail researching, that makes me curl up into a fetal position on my couch.  Yuck.  The fact that I am willing to admit my fault openly is probably a really positive thing, but that certainly does not seem to stop me from obsessively complaining about the jiggle and squish that covers every inch of me from head to toe.  I’m enough to give me a headache.

Recently, during one of my 1,467 body issue complaint sessions with a great friend, she offered to loan me something that has since replaced Lucky Charms marshmallows on my top 10 list of things I would HAVE to take with me if I were dropped on a deserted island.

Dustin Maher http://www.dustinmaherfitness.com/, a local fitness professional in Madison, WI, has unknowingly reformed my heathen ways.  I “met” Dustin through his Got Core DVD set about 2 ½ weeks ago, and have since lost 1.5” from each thigh, 1.25” from my lower hip (bootie), and .25” from my waist.  My back feels stronger, and my thighs are like bricks.  I am now a Dustin addict.

Dustin Maher is the real deal.  With a degree from UW Madison in Kinesiology Exercise Science, he has put his knowledge to work specializing in helping Moms to achieve great fitness after childbearing.  I have watched several short video clips that Dustin has made available (for free) through his email subscription, and have already learned so much about my body and how to make it work for me.

What I can’t get over, is that I am only working out for 30 minutes, every OTHER day.  That’s it.  10 minutes of “burst” training which Dustin explains on his website (basically, 30 seconds of working really really intensely on the elliptical and then resting for 1 minute…rinse and repeat until 10 minutes have elapsed), 3 minutes of warm up, and 15 – 20 minutes of the Core workout.  Just when I start to whine and complain that this is taking too long and when are we going to be done already…it’s over.  And of an 8 level DVD set, I have just begun the second level this week.  I can barely even begin to fathom what transformations await me as I progress through the series.  Is this really even possible?

Got Core is a 2 disc DVD series, available through Dustin’s website for $29.99 plus shipping.  A far cry from the wasted monthly membership fees I have shelled out over the years to health club after health club.  Dustin also offers a Fit Mom’s for Life series for a subscription and monthly fee, this is completely separate from the Got Core discs.  I cannot personally speak to those as I have not yet tried them, but I can only imagine that they must be great given the effectiveness of Got Core.

Stay tuned for my progress details, and I welcome you to join me in working through the Got Core series and share your own success stories!

With Sugar,



  1. can’t wait to check it out!

  2. Sounds and looks tempting. Is there also a diet plan that is supposed to be followed for optimal results?

  3. @Jessica: Sort of, Dustin explains it in bits and pieces via his free daily emails and there’s even a guide you can download for free on his site. This guy is the real deal, and is giving away the farm. From what I’m told, his personal goal is to reach 1 million women which is his motivation for making this program so available. I highly suggest you check out his free info on the site before you even commit to buying a DVD, you will be impressed!

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