How We Are Losing 24 Inches in an Hour

This weekend I began an exciting new project. Yes, I took on another project! I am creating a menu to reset the system and help retrain the palate and continue the inch loss we experienced this weekend. This one is so much fun to me and the group that I am working with has been having just as much fun.

It all began this Saturday when a friend and I went for a body wrap at a local spa. Contrary to popular belief, spa services aren’t always as luxurious as they sound. This one requires a bit of work but in a good way of course!

A body wrap applies minerals to the skin that help remove toxins in the system resulting in inch loss. Fast. Your personal technician wraps you tightly like a mummy from head to toe. Bags are put over your hands and feet to collect the toxins as they are released from your body. Depending on your lifestyle, the liquid can be clear to cloudy and even brown if you are a smoker. Once you are all wrapped up, you are covered with a poncho to help retain body heat and put on an exercise machine to stay in constant movement for an hour. Every 20 minutes you pause to have your tech empty the toxins that have been collected. We lost a combined total of over 24 inches in an hour!

The feeling afterwards was amazing. It’s a hydrating system so my skin felt soft and I had a sense of mental clarity that I hadn’t felt in months. We left feeling lighter, healthier and wanted to keep the momentum going so I created a menu for us to follow for the week. It focuses on seasonal fare that does not include eggs, flour, white sugar, all dairy with the exception of butter, Check out some of the items on this weeks’ menu:

Cilantro and apple chicken salad over mixed greens and spinach with Dijon vinaigrette served with curried sweet potato soup and baked apples.
Bavarian sausage with sautéed red cabbage slaw and pan seared brussel sprouts
Autumn Harvest Salad with toasted pecans, roasted red onion, zucchini and butternut squash with a pomegranate vinaigrette
Ribollita Soup

Organic Chicken Chili with sweet and spicy peppers
Braised Tilapia, fennel and cherry tomatoes topped with fresh basil
Grilled pork tenderloin and provençal vegetable gratin *small amount of Parmesan cheese on top
Tender veal and wild mushroom ragu

Read more about body wraps here: Body Wraps

Locals: If you visit Simply Beautiful in San Ramon, tell them that Jacyn sent you from Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips.

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