How To Wear Patterned Jeans and Look Good

20120911-114514.jpgPattern jeans are a continuing trend and everywhere this fall. Wearing this look can be a complete home run or a total fail. Here are four tips to wearing this trend successfully.

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1) Choose a pattern that compliments your body type.
If you are short, make sure to choose a pattern that won’t make you look shorter. Avoid horizontal stripes and zig zags. They will only make you look shorter.

2) Check your ankles.

If you have a great ankle, choose a shoe that shows them off. If you don’t, wear them with a tall boot.

3) Wear with a neutral top that balances the look.

You want the focus to be on the jean and keep you from pattern overload. I would recommend a sheer blouse that flows well even when tucked in.

4) Start with a darker pattern over a light pattern.

Let’s face it, most of the models wearing these skinny patterns are soooooo sickly thin and make up for a minuscule percentage of the population. Know your body, embrace it and dress to it. If you are in the 99.9%, consider a darker pattern to start so you don’t feel crushed when exiting the dressing room. You’re beautiful and you should feel that way. If the trend doesn’t make you feel good, skip it. There will be more.

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