How To Brighten Dull Winter Skin

Skin can get dull and drab during the cold winter months. Not to mention dry! As we forge on through the wind, rain and snow our skin takes a beating. Here are some easy tips to make your skin look and feel refreshed.

20120119-072515.jpgAdd Fresh Juice to Your Diet
This isn’t just any juice nor is it to be confused with a smoothie. This is fresh juice from a juicer or a juice bar.

Drink Less Coffee
Your skin is already dehydrated from the weather and drinking coffee will dehydrate it even further. Cut back on your coffee intake by half or stop all together (yeah, right). Start Slowly weaning yourself off by cutting back a cup at a time. Substitute tea or fresh juice instead.

Drink More Water
Drinking water will help get rid of sunken, tired eyes. Take your body weight, divide it by two and that will give you an estimate of the ounces that you will need each day.

Use A Cream Blush
Powder blushes are great in the summer months. Cream blush is a must have during the drier months of winter. It will give you that dewy summer glow.

Switch From Powder to Liquid Foundation
For those with oilier skin, you may want to finish with a powder to set the liquid. Find a foundation that has the coverage that you need or you won’t feel as confident.

Avoid Powdering Your Cheeks
I have a red nose so I like to use powder to disguise it. Be careful not to powder the balls of your cheeks. This will help keep a natural glow to your skin.

Above all, take care of your skin with daily care and use of SPF everyday. Even in the winter months our skin can become damaged resulting in sun spots.

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