How I’m Saving $1,000’s Off My Christmas List

Being in full Yule Tide nostalgia, I signed, sealed, and sent my Christmas list off to Santa Claus a couple of weeks ago with the snow still fresh and the Christmas lights just beginning to twinkle.  My list was full of requests that were thoughtfully selected and edited down to the barest of my fashion essentials.  It was perfectly illustrated, and complete with handmade iced gingerbread cookies packaged lovingly in bubble wrap so as not to allow crumbling on their journey to the North Pole.  No chances are being taken here, I am sure to get exactly what I wish for this Christmas.  Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail sealed tightly in a bright red envelope that smelled of hot cocoa and peppermint.  When I opened it, gingerbread cookie crumbs tumbled onto my lap as I slowly unfolded the single sheet of candy cane stationary.  The letter was from someone addressing himself as Santa’s Head Elf, and it was a very politely worded letter of denial in response to my Christmas List.  Damn.
After a day or two of feeling utterly devastated and feeling completely sorry for myself, I decided it was time to brush myself off and form a Plan B.  Despite those elves finding my requests to be unreasonable, I believe I can still have the Christmas of my dreams with a few minor (well researched) modifications and a sprinkle of Christmas magic taking my dreams from something only Santa could accomplish (if only those elves would give him the list) to something completely realistic for a fashionista on a much smaller budget.

Here is how I am saving $1,000’s off of my Christmas List this year:

Christmas Dream List: $76,228.00

Christmas Reality List:  $1067.78

Christmas Dream:  William Rast Sami Slouch Jeans, $185

Christmas Reality:  William Rast for Target Destructed Skinny Jeans, $49.99

Christmas Dream:  Pallavi by Diane Von Furstenberg $398

Christmas Reality:  Printed Tunic by BCBG Max Azaria, $128.00

Christmas Dream:  Tsavorite and Pink Sapphire Floral Pendant from Tiffany & Co. $70,000

Christmas Reality:  Paloma’s Marrakesh Dome Pendant from Tiffany & Co. $425

Christmas Dream:  Tiffany & Co.  Tiffany Lacy Round Sunglasses $500

Christmas Reality:  Rachel  Zoe Audrey in Tortoise $36.50

Christmas Dream:  Alti Pump by Louboutin $895

Christmas Reality:  Kaytee by Rachel Roy  $99

Christmas Dream:  Stephanie by Diane Von Vurstenberg $875

Christmas Reality:  Elizabeth by Melie Bianco $35

Christmas Dream:  Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage, Monogram Vernis Pegase 45 in Pomme D’Amour $2,520 & Louis Vuitton Travel Accessories, Monogram Vernis Jewel Case in Pomme D’Amour  $855

Christmas Reality:  Diane Von Furstenberg Signature Studio Luggage $130

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