Hot Hair Styles for Fall 2011: The Ponytail

The ponytail is a classic, chic way to dress up a look or make it soft and playful. This fall, designers such as Alexander Wang, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Vera Wang enforced this playful look. You can easily style your hair to match the models on the fall runways in five minutes or less.

Click here to view the inspiration for today’s post and close up photos: Harper’s Bazzar Fall 2011 Beauty Trend Report

Slick Pony: A slick pony gives you an instant lift and makes you look chic in no time. Add a light mist of hair spray to secure any loose hairs.

  • Wear it high towards the crown of your head and wrap a twist of hair around the elastic band.
  • Wear it low at the base and add a chic silk ribbon or a headband to the look.
  • Wear it straight back and center wrapping 1/4 of the pony around the elastic band to bring the pony out away from the head.

The Loose and Looped Pony: This look works best on long hair that is not layered. Create a tousled look with soft bouncy curls. Loosely gather your hair at the base of your neck and wrap your elastic hair tie around until slightly tight. Do not pull the pony all the way through on the last wrap. Spread your fingers out on one hand and place them at the top of the crown gently moving your hair back and forth. I have layered hair so this look isn’t as ideal for me as the layers tend to fall out, as you can see, so I tucked my ends under at the base of the pony.

Pinned Pony: This look is so elegant and effortless. It is easily accomplished with a few pins and an elastic rubber band. Smooth your hair back into a ponytail. Wrap the elastic band around the pony approximately 2 inches from the base of the neck. Begin by tucking the pony under hair at base of neck and begin to secure with bobby pins.

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