Hostess Gifts $30 and Under


Pottery Barn Wine Decanter $29 For wine enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. The asymmetrical top helps make it easier to pour.

Wine: Here is a great website to explore various regions with numerous choices for wines under $30. It’s called Plonk Wine Merchants.


Pottery Barn’s Monogrammed Candle $25 This is the perfect selection for any newly married couple hosting one of their first holidays together.


Tiffany & Co. Crystal Bowls: $30 Everyone loves a blue box during the holiday. Hand your hostess the sweetest little crystal dish. Add colored candies for extra pop!


See’s Candy: This California classic will guarantee a smile. Truth be told, I will eat the whole box if you let me.You can find various boxes or go to a retail location and hand select an assortment.

For the Foodie or the Chef: Leave it to the experts at Sur La Table to make all things perfect for the perfect host or hostess. Choose from a selection of fine If they are daring, the Himalayan Salt Plate. For those who are aspiring but aren’t quite there yet, maybe an easy bake oven.

Saint Helena Olive Oil Company: This is a family favorite. We love her extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and the green olive tapenade ($14). They also have body products that are as good a a trip to the spa.

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