Home Sweet Home: Back in California- Mocktail Time!

I am home from vacation and have so much in store for you! I do my best work in flight and I have some exciting topics to write about and new transitions on the way. I am really excited for the upcoming articles, trends and of course fall fashion. I missed you all while I was away enjoying my friends and family. I am so blessed and am grateful everyday for all that they do.

Kim and I had a fabulous time at the “Who We Love” Event and had the opportunity to get to know some of our favorite readers while sipping on fruit infused mocktails and tasty treats from the garden. We grilled vegetables and made a homemade dill dip which is a great ranch alternative and much healthier for you. Kim made the beautiful Strawberry trees that were picture perfect.

We served three different drinks that were both refreshing and fun. They are simple to make and can be prepared the day before. We made a strawberry mint simple syrup with club soda and fresh mint leaves. There was a blueberry infused simple syrup that we paired with a bright citrus lemon wheel and fresh lemonade and the lemon thyme syrup that offered a touch of savor. We served grilled vegetables with a homemade dill dip, fresh strawberries and the best little almond cookies around. Kim’s Mom, Sabrina, owner of Zahava Designs made 200 almond cookies from scratch and oh my, they were delicious! Thank you, Sabrina!






Photo Credits: Jay Smith


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