Holiday Glow: Glamorous Make-up Tips That Will Make You Shine

Every girl has an event to attend during the holidays. Make sure that you are in the spotlight with these simple tips.

Dramatic Eyes: Get out of your comfort zone and create a smoky eye with darker eye shadow. Make your eyes pop with a few falsies. Carefully apply a few lashes near the corners of your eyes for extra drama. Make sure that you have a light color or nude lip if you have a dramatic eye.

Shimmer and Glimmer: Dust your shoulders with a soft shimmer powder or lotion. Sprinkle a little in your hair as well.

 Use A Primer: Before applying your make-up, put a primer on your skin to decrease the appearance of fine lines and help even out your make-up application.

Allow Extra Time: Take extra time for hair and make-up to reduce last minute stress. This is an event, take time to prepare for it!

Clutch Touch-ups: Carry a concealer, lip gloss and glue if you applied lashes.

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