Health and Wellness: Home Remedies to Fight off Bad Breath Naturally

We have all dealt with this a time or two in our lives and it can be embarrassing needless to say. Here are a few simple and quick tips to improve your breath without the use of gum or mouthwash.

Regular Oral Care

Proper oral hygiene is critical to maintaining a beautiful smile and fresh breath. Odor causing bacteria builds up on your tongue and in between your teeth so brushing and flossing daily are the first steps in preventing bad breath. According to Julie Kwon, D.D.S of Kwon & Jabbour General & Cosmetic Dentistry, patients should have their teeth professionally cleaned every six months.


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  • How To Brush
  • How To Floss
  • Caring for Sensitive Teeth

Brush Your Tongue

This is where you will find odor causing bacteria so don’t forget to sweep across it with your toothbrush.

Fresh Mint or Parsley

Chew on a sprig of fresh mint in lieu of gum. Gum contains chemicals that can cause headaches and isn’t all that good for you. You will get the same mint boost without the chemicals. Parsley contains chlorophyll, a known breath deodorizer.


Reach for the Lemon not the Sugar
Squeeze fresh lemon into your water after a garlic laden lunch. I find that I seek something sweet after eating garlic not because I want the sugar but to remove the garlic taste from my mouth. The acid from the lemon reduces the garlic taste and smell.


Drink More Water
Often times bad breath is due to dehydration. Drink water regularly to reduce bacteria buildup and reduce your intake of coffee, wine and alcohol.


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