Happy Thanksgiving: Turducken Videos and a Story of Turkey Hunting

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Yesterday we made a turducken for the first time. I had never tried it before so I was really excited to help make this multi-bird-thing. The flavors were a nice combination and the duck was the star. As you will see in the video below, the chicken is inside of the duck and they are inside of the turkey.

It was another fun family holiday that rivaled the first holiday that I spent here shooting live turkeys. Five years ago today, I came into this family and was introduced to 32 family members all at once. Aside from trying to remember their names, I also had to figure out how to use a shotgun. Every year, there is an event of some extreme sorts and this year was turkey hunting.  No, this was not the hunting where you would dress yourself in camouflage, it was the kind where you are handed a shot gun and you take your best shot. Needless to say, it was a bonding experience and was the most fun I had ever had at Thanksgiving.

Here are some photos and videos for you of the turducken experience. Enjoy!

Cherish your time today and reflect on what is important. I am thankful for all of you and grateful for your support. Enjoy your day with your families and friends. Turn off the TV (except for football, of course) unplug your cells and walk away from your laptop, iPads etc. These are the days that are most important as you never know if this will be the last time you see one another. Hug each other tightly, say what you need to say and remember that you are loved.

With Sugar,


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