Happy International Women’s Day to All Of Our Fans!

Today we celebrate each other and the women who have come before us. These spectacular women helped paved the way and in turn, we are taking great strides to continue that tradition. Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips was created with the intention of helping women across the world increase their confidence and well being one tip at a time. We strive to bring you balance by providing you with applicable and accessible information on topics such as beauty, health, wellness, personal development and the latest fashion trends. Today, we celebrate you.

To our fans and cherished readers,
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Your Assignment

*Take time to reflect on what makes you the powerful, beautiful passionate woman that you are. Look in the mirror and repeat it back to yourself, write it down or send it as a daily reminder in your email. *Celebrate the women in your life who have inspired you, guided you and helped you become who you are today. Send them a message, give them a call or write a little note expressing how they have influenced you and your appreciation for their efforts along the way.


Take Action, Get Inspired

Goldman Sachs celebrates their third year anniversary helping women all across the globe in 22 countries by increasing revenues, creating jobs and forming strategic partnerships. How can you become involved in your community to help other women? Share your story with us! Send your contributions to sugarlipslifestlyetips@gmail.com

From a Man’s Perspective

Here is a list of 75 incredible women of the past and present put together by Esquire.

Find Events in Your Area

Go to the Events tab on the International Women’s Day Website and select by country and location to find happenings in your area.

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