Hair Trends Summer 2012: Chalking and Color Rubs


I am always in search for the next in hairstyle. Last year we saw tinsel and hair feathers so what’s the hair trend for summer 2012? Temporary hair color known as chalking or color rub.

Deep, rich colored powder can be used to create color steaks, an ombré or simply colored tips for a bold fashion statement. The best part? It washes out in one to two washes! It’s great for a weekend event and gone by Monday’s meeting with the boss. I may even say that it would be a great party idea for teens. I would recommend using a disposable plastic glove when applying to protect your manicure. I would also be mindful of white. I wouldn’t wear a white shirt just in case you missed a spot when setting.

How To Use Color Rub
•Choose a color or multiple colors
•Work into your hair in the desired style (tips, strips or ombré)
•Spray lightly with hairspray to set the color in place.

Where To Buy Color Rub

You can find that some salons may carry the color and can apply it professionally. You can also try the do-it-yourself hair color route and purchase it from Hair Flairs

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