Hair Extensions: Kate Gosselin did it – Would you?

OMG! The Red Sea has parted and Kate Gosselin has finally changed her spiked hair and softened her harsh look. The cover of this month’s People magazine features Kate Gosselin with her new extensions and I think that she looks better than she has ever looked. She looks radiant, young, and bright. The color choice and blending is perfect; and it should be. I read on that the average cost for the “What Not To Wear” stylist Ted Gibson to create that do would have been almost $7000!!!

Expensive, yes. However, I love the look of hair extensions when they are professionally applied by your stylist. I think that they really make for a sexy look. It can soften your look, increase your sex appeal as well as your confidence. I also think, that if you cheap out, they could make you look haggard, ratty and skanky if not maintained or applied correctly and by a professional. Kate Gosselin has my vote. She looks great.

What are your thoughts on hair extensions? Does Kate Gosselin’s look inspire you or discourage you from trying hair them? Send me your thoughts!

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