Gucci Bag Giveaway from Hipswap


I love designer pieces but can’t always pay the price. With the launching of new sites and development of interactive apps, the online marketplace continues to expand and the consumer has become ├╝ber savvy and finding designer pieces for a fraction of the original cost has never been easier. I love it! I have access to so many more options than I ever have before.

For me, rummaging through consignment stores isn’t my idea of a good time. The supply is limited and there is usually some lingering funky smell that often makes me walk right back out. I lack patience for the “thrill of the hunt” and sometimes have a hard time authenticating items on my own. Let’s face it, I am an online shopper.

Introducing Hipswap. An online marketplace that sells everything under the sun. And I mean everything. You can buy, you can sell and shop the closets and homes of celebrities from all over the country.

This week, our friends at Hipswap are running a fun promotion called Win This Bag. This week, you can enter to win the red-pebbled leather Gucci hobo bag pictured above.

Plus, as a bonus, they are offering one Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips fan a $50 credit that I will be raffling off on Facebook and Twitter next week! Stay tuned!

Click on the link below to enter for a chance to Win This Bag:

***Sugar Tip: Next week look for more of my favorite picks as a featured blogger!


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