Got a Style Question? Post it on Maxxinista Corner and Lookville

Every girl has a moment where she questions whether or not her outfit works. You stand in front of multiple mirrors, check it it out in different lights and angles and even do a bend test to make sure all of your “assets” are covered. I have found two websites that may help you with that by offering their opinions and suggestions for your outfit. It has proven to be really helpful. Today, I found a new resource.

It just so happens that I am going on vacation in a matter of days and need an outfit for a summer BBQ. This morning I was frantically searching online hoping to find a sweet dress for a party with attendees that I haven’t seen in 15-20 years and a guest of honor who is nothing short of the classiest woman I  know. Pressure? A little.

During my frantic search, I came across the TJ Maxx website and WOW! If you haven’t been on there lately I suggest that you check it out. It has had a face lift. This is definitely admission of the dork in me but I love it! There is the “Maxxinista Corner” a blog with photo uploads of all of the fabulous finds and how they look on real people. Some include accessories and shoes etc. It is so fun! To top it off, you can follow them on Facebook and they have live Twitter feed so you can see who’s buying what and when. Loves! What a great way to find an amazing deal and get feedback on your outfit, accessories or shoes plus it’s a fabulous way to determine whether or not the outfit looks good on a similar body type to your own.

For outfits you didn’t find at TJ Maxx, you can upload on Lookville. If you haven’t heard of Lookville yet I am not surprised. I received an invite to log on and start uploading looks and review outfits and comment. I played around with it awhile and would read the comments of the other critics and finally got up the guts to upload a look (left). There are certain critics that I look to impress more than others. The experience was luckily quite positive. The responses were kind and the suggestions were constructive. I think about the suggestions when I am trying to improve a look and I found that it was really helpful. Check it out! If you need an invite to join, email me or Kimberlee and we can send you one.

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