Go Big or Go Home: Kimberlee’s Pattern Principles

Patterns bring life and dimension to neutral pieces and when worn correctly, can finesse even the most meager of personalities into raging vixen material. Patterns can make a statement that transforms a look from simply basic to runway ready when you follow a guideline or two and one basic rule of engagement…Go Big or Go Home baby.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself overwhelmed in a sea of understated patterns in neutral shades pairing one after another unsure of which patterns will be complementary.  Not my cup of tea.  I prefer to arm myself with bold statements drenched with in your face pattern and color and then blissfully marry them with neutrals like black, brown, and my lifestyle uniform, denim.

Pattern is best served when it’s noticeable, complementary, and memorable. My picks this week will illustrate basic pattern principals when paired with neutral pieces and are ULTRA affordable making it easy to introduce new favorites to your wardrobe while adding an element of surprise to an every day look.

A Modern Day Jane (top left)
The basic cutaway tank from H&M has a nude backdrop that is covered from tip to tail in an electric yellow and is taken to new heights with the infusion of a leopard print that is urban jungle ready.  Modern Day Jane at your service, ready to guide you through the rooftops, and introduce you to Tarzan.  $14.95 (in stores only)

Argyle Line Tights
The argyle line tight from Urban Outfitters
brings a bold spice to a basic casual look using an uncomplicated color combination playing tag with chalky white lines as they surround the leg with check me out style.  Currently on sale for 2 for $20 regularly $14 each.

Kimberlee’s Pattern Principles

Here are a few guidelines to help you choose patterns that work.

  • Make it NOTICEABLE

    Pattern left uses an intricate pattern washed away in an ultra neutral barely there color palette leaving it practically bare.

    Pattern right boasts a brilliant color with a basic white pattern making it a statement piece with little effort.

  • COMPLEMENT yourself Pattern left adds bright tone but makes a mess of the look making it appear sloppy.Pattern right adds an element of structure drawing the eye down offering a bold contrast commanding presence.
    Jacket left makes a not to be missed statement as it walks into the room that WILL be remembered, where jacket right has a dark subtle tone within the plaid pattern that renders it completely silent.
  • Floral Do’s and Don’ts

    Pattern left demonstrates a messy overload of color in a floral pattern with little structure.
    Pattern right uses the same color palette in a more sophisticated manner creating an amazing look that isn’t overwhelming.

photos from Land’s End, xoxo, Forever 21, Ruche, LuLus and Balmain on becomegorgeous.com

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