Food Makeover: Creating a Menu To Retrain Your Palate

Welcome to part three of the Keys To Weight Loss in 2011. We have determined that diets don’t work and your pantry is cleaned out. Now what? Now you begin the process of recreating new dishes to help train your palate. If you have a taste for junk food or sugar, your palate cane be retrained so that you no longer desire those foods. Please keep in mind that this is a process and it is helpful to keep things in perspective. You can’t do it all at once nor can you change overnight but it will require self-restraint and control. Today’s post is building on your new shopping habits that you have become aware of from last week.

Let’s sum up what we have learned so far:

1) Good food comes from good ingredients

2) No one needs processed food, fast food or soda

3) Small changes or modifications add up to big differences

4) Yes, you can enjoy food that is good for you

The key is balance. In the process of retraining your taste buds, bring color and balance to your dishes. The prettier it is, the better it tastes by default because you have subconsciously already decided that it is going to be good. How can it not be when it’s beautiful?

Bring balance to your dishes by including lots of vegetables of all colors, lean proteins or legumes, and whole grains. The following are dishes that we have had in the past. Notice how there is a wide range of colors in the dish and the plating is just as important as the flavors.

Going forward, create dishes with balance and color. Be conscious when shopping of ingredients that can add color to multiple dishes. Enjoy and as always, email me if you have questions at

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