Follow your heart-Experience your dreams: A Tribute to Rachel and Dan

I have recently experienced a crude lesson in my career and as a result, I have taken time to reflect on where my life is going and what I really want. Is there balance when it comes to monetary benefits and quality of life? Or must one compromise one for the other and where is the threshold?

Two of my friends are currently living their dreams as we speak across the country and across an ocean. This post is dedicated to each of them for honoring their hearts and living the dream. Here is an introduction to the two I admire most.

In 1993 I was introduced to a spunky, beautiful, curly haired brunette named Rachel. She was everything you wish you could be as a high school girl. She was smart, independent, sexy and had a sweet car. She lived one neighborhood over and had the world at her fingertips.

Over the years, she had become even more successful opening her own design studio, completing her master’s and networking as only the professionals do. Last year, she packed a bag and a bag for her son and left to live in Europe for a while. She wanted to teach him a true life lesson by experiencing the places that he has only read about in books first hand. She went to study European architecture, history and to write a book about her experience.

My second favorite person came into my life in 2001. I was the president of the local AIGA chapter at UWW and was trying to network my members with the best ad execs in Chicago through the CAF Career Day. I was walking into a seminar after it had begun and Dan was at the door to greet me. He asked me to wait until the interim and he would show me to my seat. Later I learned that he was Alumni and had strong connections to the University so we joined him for drinks after the conference and our friendship was born. To this day, Dan has visited me in every city that I have lived in. This year he is traveling the perimeter of the US on his Harley in memory of his best friend, Ethan Willoughby.

Both of Rachel and Dan are eloquent writers and great photographers; I encourage you to visit their sites for inspiration. They have influenced me throughout my entire life and I am honored to be a part of their journey.

Rachel’s page:

Dan’s page:

Travel safely and I love you both.



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