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People want to know. Who, what, where, how is this? It’s simple. Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips is a blog. It is a resource for mainly women but of course all are invited because the information on here is useful to everyone with a heartbeat.We discuss many topics and try to give our readers one tip each day to help better their lives and increase their confidence. Fashion, beauty, product reviews, skin care, deals in the market, health, wellness, nutrition etc. anything that could potentially make your life better, we will share with you because WE LOVE OUR READERS!! I invite you to join in the fun. It’s one blog with two pages to make it easier for followers. Subscribe to either one. If you made it this far, clearly you have found our page and we are very glad to have you and hope that you come back and comeback often. Here are the links to follow the feed on either page (same blog).


Sooooo, I am not as tech savvy as I once thought. I just learned what RSS means and how it works. I hope that I am not alone on that one. What kind of blogger am I anyway??

For those of you who are like me, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Hmmm. ok. What does that mean? It means that if you enjoy a particular post, you can subscribe to it and you will automatically receive updates on similar topics. AWESOME. That means that you don’t have to constantly check back. SWEET.
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