FNO Recap: A Fashionista’s Moments of Disappointment and Realization of Greatness

This is one of my rawest pieces to date. I debated endlessly how to express the emotions from FNO and if I should write about them at all. I decided to share these feelings that I thought I should mask because this blog is not about hiding, it’s about exposing. This is a platform where I can share my thoughts and feelings with the world without question.

In a small way, I feel that I am admitting defeat by sharing with you the utter disappointment one can feel when the expected outcome was not what it should have been. Looking back, it was one of the best nights a girl could have for reasons that were not as obvious as they are today. Here is my story.

Friday, September 10th
Friday night was a flurry of festivities and I could hardly keep up with them all. I worked all day and snuck out just under the whistle to get to my client appreciation event with Christina from 1688. I had invited my friend and co-worker, Carol, to join me for a night of fun.

The salon was buzzing with people and everyone was jovial. Hairdryers were going full speed and Jamie, the Kerastase Rep, was analyzing each client’s mane trying to determine what treatment each person needed. With a glass of Pinot Noir in hand, we got underway for a fabulous treatment and blow-out before it hit the city. She always does an amazing job styling hair to make her client’s look and  feel like models. She cleaned up Carol’s hair cut with just a few snips making her hair really shine. We looked and felt amazing and she even cleverly disguised a blemish of mine that had decided to make an appearance the day of FNO. Thank you, Christina! You are amazing. Check out Carol’s do on the right.

The event went until about 7:30. I ducked out at 7 to join my love for an amazing dinner before catching the train. He had a pork tenderloin topped with an amazing chimi-churri paired perfectly with a glass of wine waiting for me when I arrived. It tasted as amazing as it looked. Thank you, baby.

I had plans to meet a great friend, Michele, for a glass of bubbles at 7:45. I finished up my dinner, changed into my new FNO shirt and hopped a train. Needless to say, between dinner, changing and catching the train, I didn’t get to SF until 8:30 missing all of the main events for FNO.

It was at that moment that I started to deflate. I realized that the events I was looking so forward to were not going to happen. This is once a year and I couldn’t get my act together enough to make it for at least one thing. I was completely disappointed in myself and my actions. In a moment of panic/ desperation, I had called Kimmy from the train almost in tears. Ok, let’s be real. There were tears but she said, “Don’t cry, you will mess up your make-up and be really mad.” She was right. So I sniffled the tears away and continued on out of Oakland but the feeling of defeat remained and was hard to shake.

I got off at Montgomery and met Michele, who had patiently waited for me for an HOUR, at the Rickhouse on Kearney.  As I walked in, you could feel the energy of the crowd and hear the raspy voice of Taj Mahal radiating through the speakers. We sat near the front of the bar for a street view to enjoy a glass and great conversation. I think we laughed for an hour straight; it was perfect. I was starting to feel like things were looking up.
The night came to a close and I caught the 10:30 train home. As I sat there reflecting on the moments of the evening, I realized why I chose to do what I did. It is the relationships in life that fuel my world. It is the people who surround me that mean the most not these events. I chose to spend that time with them. I could have left and missed out on getting my hair done. I could have skipped dinner with the love of my life. And I could have easily rescheduled with Michele. But I didn’t. Why? Because these relationships mean everything to me. I have a great circle and was touched by their love and friendship. For that, I am forever grateful.

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