Finding Your Signature Scent: Sexy Perfumes for Valentine’s Day

There is nothing sexier than a signature scent. What essences do others associate with you? What is your classic go-to scent? We have all experienced that moment when a stranger walks by you and their scent sparks a memory of someone familiar. As it moves through your olfactory system, your brain triggers memories and emotions connected with the last time you experienced that smell. What scent triggers memories and emotions for those around you?

Finding a perfume that defines you may take a little shopping around, sampling and testing. Finding the right fragrance for different occasions is part of creating your brand and defining your personal style. I prefer to have various bottles to choose from for all of my moods and events. Here are a few of my top picks for my Valentine’s Day must have list.

Sensual and Flirtatious! Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent: This scent is sweet, sexy and soft with a hint of flare. Think romantic bubble bath sprinkled with rose petals surrounded by candlelight. It has tones of blackberry, damask rose and sandalwood all of which are perfect for a flirty night out on the town or a sensual night in. Photo from YSL

Seductive and Sassy! Prada’s L’Eau Ambree I am in love with this sultry scent! Strong and seductive completely defining femininity. Step out in a pair of five inch heels and strut your stuff! This scent is for the strong, confident woman with Prada’s signature amber tones, citrus, and rose. Photo from

Classically Beautiful: Chanel No. 5 This classic scent is a legend in it’s own right. Created for women who are savvy, subtly sexy, and refined. It defines elegance, luxury and style. Photo from

With today’s resources, finding a fragrance that is right for you is easy. Sales professionals at Sephora can make you a small spray sample of any one of their perfumes for you to take home and try. You can also ask for samples at most perfume counters or find them online.

Also remember not to limit yourself to perfume.  Your collection can consist of lotions or body sprays as well. Start defining yourself today with a signature scent that expresses your inner being without saying a word.


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