Fashion Friday with Refinery 29 SF and ACRE | SF

20111020-214707.jpg Five lessons from a fashionista on the fly:

Lesson Number 1: Always have a day-to-night outfit.

It’s Thursday night, 6:22pm and I am about to get on the train and head out of the city when I decide to read my email to pass time. Little did I know what I was about to find was an impromptu offer that would be a game changer. Designer Sarah Liller sends me message to join her at a party in North Beach hosted by Refinery 29. Uummm, YES!!

So, of course a flood of “oh my, I am NOT dressed for this” type of thoughts went through my mind but alas, I said “This is it”. This is one of the parties that you CAN’T miss. No matter what. So, I did. I went in my casual office attire. Which leads me to my next lesson.



Lesson Number 2: The fashion scene that follows Refinery 29 is hot. Always be camera ready and bring your best smile.


Lesson number 3: Have a self promotional piece that is not only memorable but a conversation starter. We felt like the new kids at school that wanted to say hi but didn’t really know how. Weird coming from two very social individuals but true.


Lesson Number 4: People DO ask what you are wearing so wear something fashionable. If you are lucky, you will get stopped for a street style shot.

Lesson Number 5: The shoes make the outfit. Great style flooded the room and the shoes fit their personality perfectly.


We rocked out to the sounds of The Soft White Sixties, who in my opinion, ate the next big thing.




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