Fashion Friday With Kimberlee: Shoe Dazzle

As my girlfriends will exuberantly attest to, there are times when even I become an opinion seeker for my wardrobe purchases.  I can spot an amazing cashmere sweater or a show-stopping pump at 50 paces, but there are occasions when even my heart starts to panic, my mind over analyzes the pro’s and con’s, and pulling the rip cord on which pieces to actually take home with me requires a minimum of 1 – 5 educated (on the mysterious mind workings of Kimberlee) opinions.  Enter my new team of educated minds on call to offer me their opinions about my next pieces of foot candy:  Kim Kardashian, Anya Sarre, Toni Ferrara, Melis Kuris, Provi Fulp, Heather Zweigel, Michael Bassolino, Jamie Crowley, Camille Jumelle, Merika Rock, and Elizabeth French. 

Shoe Dazzle, a group of celebrity stylists partnered with the always beautiful co-owner of couture retailer “Dash” Ms. Kim Kardashian, offers up their customized selections of shoes, handbags, and jewelry each month based on the results of a style profile quiz.  It’s kind of awesome.  You begin by completing a registration which includes a click through series of “do you like this look better or this?” questions, and within days your personalized virtual showroom is filled with a handful of shoe, handbag, and jewelry selections chosen specifically for your style personality type.  Each piece in the showroom is $39.95, flat fee, no shipping or “extra” charges.  Magical! 

What happens if you are not completely in shoe love with any of the shoes in your first round of suggestions?  Not a problem, simply request alternates, and a new round of hand picked choices will appear in your showroom.  (Sugar Tip:  If you even THINK you might want a pair from your first group of selections, add them to your shopping cart before requesting the alternates.  Once the first group is gone from your showroom, they’re gone.  You can always delete them before purchasing, but this will save you from losing out if you change your mind later.)  But the real appeal to this decadently indulgent service, is that it is 100% FREE to join, you can cancel your membership at any time 100% FREE of charge,  and you always have the first 5 days of each month to select “Skip this Month” to do just that, skip this month’s purchase.  Should you become overwhelmingly preoccupied and find that you have forgotten to either make a purchase or select the skip option, you will be charged the monthly purchase price of $39.95, but it will apply as a credit to your account toward any Shoe Dazzle purchase. 

My first purchase, recommended for me by Jamie Crowley (who incidentally has the distinct pleasure of noting Kanye West and Paris Hilton, among other greats, on her resume as having styled), was a pair of out of control black micro suede peep toe booties with black zebra like brushstrokes adding notice me detail to the white fold-over shaft.  And the pies de resistance?   Shiny as a candied apple red patent platform and stiletto heel.  Seriously?  So my style, so my fit, so my favorite shoe.  Love!!!  The quality is sincerely higher than that of a $39.95 shoe, not quite that of Manolo Blahnik, but definitely a quality pair of pumps.  Color palette is brilliant, stitching is in line and concealed, insole is standard, all points seem to meet up with my standards check.  And dare I even mention that these bad boys are actually COMFORTABLE?  Not to say every pair will be, but these feel better than amazing to my tired tootsies.

So I would like to offer a sincere thank you to the efforts of my new styling team, I look forward to what your next batch of brilliant creativity will deliver to my doorstep in December. 

Sugar Note*** This week we are starting our GIVE LOVE campaign on our Facebook fan page. We will be posting different products and companies that share the love by donating a portion of the sales and proceeds to specified charities. Shoe Dazzle has partnered with Soles4Souls, the Nashville-based shoe charity that has donated more than 12 million pairs of shoes worldwide, and In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, ShoeDazzle raised $25,000 for Susan G. Komen for the Cure® through sales of three powerful pink products: the Beth bootie, the Hope handbag and the Baila scarf-and-pin set—all inspired by ShoeDazzle clients. 

GIVE LOVE and have great shoes!

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