Fashion Friday with Kimberlee! Pick of the Week: Effortless Style

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Luxurious layers that drape, cascade, and evoke nostalgic tranquility while conjuring images of apple picking and endless flurries of colorful leaves drifting to the ground.  Fall is in full swing, bringing along with it the indulgently rich fabrics and warm textures perfectly constructed to complement the cooler temperatures.

Hot on everyone’s list this season are chunky knit sweaters, capes or cardigans for layering, and skinny pants with unique detail such as playful cargo pockets or the touch-ably soft texture of corduroy.  Truly wearable everyday pieces that don a super stylish air, I adore the idea of this (seemingly) effortless style.  However, as is true of most every fabulous look of our time, without applying the required amount of effort to choose the most perfect pieces, great style just will not exist.

Chunky knit sweaters can be tricky as too much bulk applied in just the wrong place can leave one resembling a large potato sack.  Try instead a chunky knit cape, or cardigan, or the hybrid “cape-igan” with an asymmetric hem and an open front that cascades loosely down the hip, layered over a fitted blouse or t-shirt.  My pick this week comes from Victoria’s Secret, well known for adding the sexy factor to their designs, the Wool-blend Cableknit Open Cardigan Sweater available in a variety of shades from a true autumn palette and for as much play time as this sweater will get over the coming months, it is an absolute steal for only $49.

As cute as cargo pockets on a skinny pant can be, they can also destroy the long and lean line of the leg, and finding just the right amount of “skinny” can be quite a daunting task all unto itself (too skinny = REALLY bad for the thighs, too loose = REALLY bad for the tooshie).  Try a pair of skinny corduroy’s instead, with just a hint of stretch, the corduroy will be just weighted enough to support and complement your every curve without feeling too heavy.  My second pick this week, are the comfortably sexy curve hugging VS Pencil Pant in Stretch Corduroy from Victoria’s Secret,

in black or a dark shade of brown to accentuate the “skinny” and pair with a sky high stiletto or a military inspired boot with lots of shiny buckles.  I love buckles.

Effortless?  Well, not really.  But if you saw me in the apple orchard surrounded by colorful autumn leaves, you’d probably think so.

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