Fashion Friday with Kimberlee: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Victoria’s got a secret…and it’s not what you’d expect.

Victoria boasts bras and panties in every candy coated color and level of cleavage enhancement?  Well yes, of course there IS that…but really, is that actually a SECRET?  Nope, the entire planet knows that they have boudoir attire on lock.  But what they aren’t privy to is that Victoria has clearly survived more than a handful of below zero thermal shock inducing winter temperatures because she definitely knows how to wrap a girl in a bear hug and call it a sweater.

Being a Midwestern girl, like it or not, a frost fighting wardrobe is a must have for a solid 3 months of the year and often even longer than that.  With temperatures dropping to single digits next week, my mind is in full warm my tootsies by the fireplace mode and seeking out a wearable (but slightly less violent) bear skin rug to envelop my senses in.   Finding such a gem, however, is not as simple as it should be here in this winter wonderland of ours.

Combing my favorite retailers, I find hundreds…maybe thousands…of sweaters in patterns and palettes greater than your mind can imagine.  But why does it seem that these designers are so timid about applying QUALITY, STYLISH TRENDS, and WARMTH into one garment?  I don’t want an amazingly unique piece that keeps me no warmer than my t-shirt when it is 7 degrees outside.  I don’t want a wool blanket with a neck line that offers no style or shape and drags me down into the depressing mind-set that comes along with the lingering cold, gray winter weather.  I want a beautiful piece that I can wear when it’s freezing and will make me feel as gorgeous as I did in my peep toes.

I’m so sorry Victoria, but I’m sharing your secret.  I realize I vowed not to, but here goes:

Victoria’s Secret holds one of the greatest selections of quality, stylish, affordable, and WARM sweaters to be found, hands down.

My pick this week, is the Marled Cardigan Sweater. The style is so ultra representative of this moment in fashion with its loosely draped style, wide forearm grazing sleeves, and slightly longer hem line.  The neutral black and ivory marled tones pair perfectly with black skinny pants or a favorite pair of distressed denim.  The wool blend is soft enough to curl up with and take a nap, and the bonus pockets add a place to unthaw frigid fingertips.  Might I add that this $79 sweater has recently been reduced to a mere $29?  Breathtaking, I know.  This makes amazingly warm, deliciously adorable and beyond affordable sweater purchase number two from Victoria, and I can’t seem to sing her praises loudly enough from in front of my fireplace.

I would also like to make mention of the newest member of my denim family, a secondary secret of Victoria’s that were purchased to pair with my Marled Cardigan Sweater, the Hipster Bootcut Jean in a wash called “Worn Paint”. The waistband is wider than most with a double button and zip closure offering a smooth finish to the tummy.  The rear pockets are small and positioned to flatter the back side, and that they do.  The wash adds a bit of distressed flair making them playfully modern, and they have quickly moved into my top 3 favorite pair of jeans, EVER.  I did order the smaller of my size range, because I find that mid-rise denim fits me a bit looser than low rise, but that is a matter of taste and body shape.

Thank you Victoria, for sharing your secrets with me, I’m sorry I blabbed…I hope we can still be friends!

Photos are from Victoria’s Secret


  1. can you post a pic of the back of the victorias secret worn paint jeans? I am considering purchasing but want to see what the back pockets look like!

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