Fashion Friday with Effie’s Heart: Classic, Practical and Eternal Designs

From across a crowded speakeasy, with a silky smooth jazz melody painting a portrait of breathtaking romance, Effie’s heart was stolen by an unassuming stranger and would forever be changed.  Her world would be filled with a brilliant kaleidoscope of color, and her smile would be eternal.  Effie’s Heart, is a love story with an ending that captivates and charms through creative and stunning fashionable designs that illustrate her memoirs.

A complete head to toe collection of designs full of vintage charm and energy that simply sings, every piece Effie’s Heart brings forward not only makes a beautiful statement, but is also completely practical.  Made from breathable 100% cotton, and softly stretchable cotton blends that feel like your favorite jersey t-shirt but look like you a custom, vintage inspired design.  Each look bursts with originality, is peppered with colors and details from years gone by, and challenges mainstream design with a mighty hand…and wins.

Effie’s Heart is a women’s wear clothing line that caters to women who adore a beautifully eclectic design, but prefer not to remove wearability from their wardrobe.  Kimo, a self proclaimed “fashion adventurist,” founded Effie’s Heart based on the belief that comfort and fashion go hand in hand and style should be completely accessible.  Her inspiration and originality is perfectly charming and completely endearing, and at Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips, we absolutely adore her for this.

I asked Kimo what inspired her latest collection and she said”Spring and Summer 2011 were inspired by “the perfect vacation”. We have nostalgic memories of faraway places. Our clothing gives you the chance to be yourself with value, comfort, and style in toe. Our knitwear allows for insta-matic dressing. While being on tour around the globe, enjoy low maintenance fashion with pockets.  Our hyper-classic prints and joyful color palate will help you revel in warm weather bliss!  The mega bonus is that your Effie’s Heart fashions will last beyond the season.  Our designs are classic, practical, and eternal.”

I couldn’t agree more. I have worn my Jackie Dress (pictured above) wine tasting in Paso Robles, a wine dinner with corporate heads and to work with a beautiful black cardigan, sheer black nylons  and patent black pumps.  I use my “Moma Tota Papa”tote (pictured left) for everything. It is casual and playful with plenty of space without being cumbersome. Her styles are truly versatile and practical, wash well and can go anywhere. I invite you to see more at


Here are a few of our favorites!





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