Fashion Friday with Cyn! Pick of the Week: Get the Look – Wellies

Our little fashionista is sick today so I am stepping up and taking on Fashion Friday!! I recently received my fall shipment of fun new looks and I can’t wait to share my pick with you!

Fall has finally started to make it’s way into the Bay Area. Unlike the Midwest winters I had experienced growing up, the winters here are mild and rainy. Like many people in the Bay, I commute to work via public transportation. My commute is a short walk from my apartment to my job and often times it’s raining when I leave.

This season I finally invested in some WELLIES!! After splashing my way through puddles on my way to work, I have given up on being cold and damp. Now you may think that wellies are not something that seems very practical if you don’t get a lot of rain in your region; however, they can be used for numerous other occasions and are always great to have at a moments notice.

I live in an affluent community surrounded by people with money to burn so I see the latte sipping, stay-at-home Mom’s cruising the streets in their Mommy support groups on a sunny day with their designer wellies pushing designer strollers holding scads of new purchases. Do you need to wear $400 rain boots on a sunny day? Now, my thoughts on that are an entirely different page….the point is you don’t need a designer wellie to be cute.

HUNTER collaborated with Jimmy Choo croc wellie to design some stellar fashion forward wellies that retail for $395. The boots on the right are HUNTER original tall boots that retail for $125.

I found a pair that will get you the look less than a quarter of the price! The Zetta wellies on the left are a similar look with a slightly smaller heel, same buckle look and great non-slip tread. These retail for $24.99. That’s $100 savings!

My wellies are so fitting for my style but there are many other options that you can choose from to match your own personal look. It will get you the look without the designer price tag. SUGAR TIP***I always suggest that you buy the liners or socks that are sold with wellies. It prevents you from smelling like rubber boots all day.

Wellies are fun if you are splashing around in the rain or walking through your vineyard but are they really that practical for work? Walking in with wet shoes is definitely not practical and wellies are a trend so it wouldn’t necessarily be viewed as a negative thing but if you are concerned that your look would not fit your professional attire, I have found you the perfect rain boot. It is truly my favorite but it is more expensive than the original HUNTER boots above.

The INTERLAKEN from HUNTER. These are a thing of beauty…they are sleek, sexy and slimming. They retail for $195. You can choose a heel height of 40mm or 80mm and the material is vulcanized natural rubber. This would fit any business formal wardrobe.

I am off to enjoy this beautiful Fashion Friday! Enjoy! Cyn

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