Fashion Friday With Cyn: Loft 1513, LoveSick4 and Project San Francisco

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I have taken over Fashion Friday for a day- I had to share this with all of you! Kimberlee’s Pick of The Week will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!

Today’s Fashion Friday is jam packed with runways and designer clothes that are undeniable. In the past three weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting Larissa Verdussen and Jessica Summers-Miller fashion designers and owners of Loft 1513, seeing the footage from LoveSick4 and attending Project San Francisco. It has been a great couple of weeks! Scratch that a great MONTH! Keep reading to see how this all comes full circle…

Friday, January 28th, 2011 – I go to Noe Valley to conduct and interview and randomly get introduced to Larissa Verdussen of RAG DOLL Designs at Loft 1513.

Of course after hearing about their famous fashion shows, I had to be introduced. Don and I walked into the shop on a Friday afternoon and was greeted by this bubbly Brazilian wearing a long flowing organic looking dress. She had masculine black boots that were partially laced and her hair was long and curly on one side, shaved on the other. She wore very little make-up and sported a flawless complexion. She welcomed me in and took me on a tour of the store explaining who they are and what the business concept is. Her smile was contagious and her energy was absolutely captivating. I had to learn more.

The Designers Behind The Name

Larissa Verdussen of RAG DOLL Designs and Jessica Summers-Miller of iKohl (design pictured on right) joined forces when they opened Loft 1513 in Noe Valley. I entered the shop to find beautiful photographs, well displayed jewelry and clothing that is completely my style in every way. I was immediately drawn to two of the collections that they offer and as I thumbed through he hangers, I began to feel the energy of the moment take over…

I wanted everything.

Thirty minutes later, I made an appointment to come back and visit with both of the owners when I had more time. I loved this little gem that I happened upon!

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011 - I spend almost three hours sharing stories and listening to the designers while watching them interact with their clients and other designers. Located on Church Street, Loft 1513 Boutique offers one of a kind clothing and accessories made by various artists and local designers. The Designers offer custom designs and can often be found on premise designing before your eyes. They offer sewing classes to adults as well as children creating a sense of community in their shop.

Known to throw a wicked party, these girls transform the store into a runway that can be seen from the street as well. Their window displays are extraordinary rivaling some of the greatest creative heads in Union Square and their neighborhood loves them.

Next Thursday, February 24th, they will be hosting a Designer Sale from 6-9pm at Loft 1513. No tickets necessary. Email the designers for more details at

So Of Course One Thing Leads To Another…

After spending a few hours with the designers learning about their business and social ethics, Larissa had invited me to LoveSick4 in Valentine’s Day… Check her out on this video from Low Tek Studios
L O V E S I C K 4, Minna Street Gallery, San Francisco California, Valentines Day 2011 from Low Tek Studios on Vimeo.

Monday, February 14th…Valentine’s Day

LoveSick4: Organized by Designer, Alexandria Von Bromssen and co-hosted by Larissa and Jessica of Loft 1513, the event took place at 111 Minna in SF. Nothing like a little lingerie and runway for Valentine’s Day…. Other Designers included:

  • Miss Velvet Cream
  • Tamo Hulva + Silver Lucy
  • Jasmin Zorlu Millinery
  • Ms G Designs
  • My Dirty Dishes
  • Fluidance by Josie Adele
  • Magdalena Trevor

Photos Courtesy of Tim Presto, Low Tek Studios and LoveSick4

Thursday, February 17th, 2011
So to top it all off, Owen Geronimo of SFFAMA emails me to join him at Project San Francisco last night. Now THAT is Fashion For The People. Yes, please.

Each year, SFFAMA co-hosts Project San Francisco an annual runway event that serves as a platform for recent graduates and alumni from fashion schools and universities. This event showcased their collections as recent graduates embarking in their prospective career in the fashion industry. This year’s event benefited Dress For Success & San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance.

This year’s Designers included
Elizabeth Kay,  Karina Castrejon,  NNEKA, Revelation By M.E., Zoe Hong of which you can see the final line up in the video below.



So how does this come full circle you say? Well, my favorite designer of tonight’s show was NNEKA who’s designs are sold at Loft 1513 AND will be one of the designers at their Designer Sale this upcoming Thursday, February 24th, 2011.

Shut it down. My New Years Resolution to attend more fashion events and get more involved in the community is holding strong. Look out world!  I can’t wait to buy!!

Happy Fashion Friday Lovelies! As always, please feel free to email me at anytime at

Sugar Kisses,


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