Fashion Friday With Cyn: How To Wear Vintage Style Swimwear

The Spring 2012 trends are exceptionally refreshing and offer a host of bright, beautiful resort wear including “vintage” swimwear. As the popularity of the “Mad Men” TV show grew, the styles in the streets and on the runways reflected that gracious fashion era. In one episode, Betty puts on a bikini for the first time ever and was scolded by Don for being so bold. Now for those of you who watch this show, know that Betty, played by January Jones, is extremely beautiful and has a gorgeous body. Obviously looking “bad” in a bikini wasn’t the issue, it was seeming “desperate” as Don said, or too promiscuous.

Our bikini styles has come along way since then and tend to hide very little if at all in some cases. Vintage style swimwear is a throwback to when bikinis were a style statement and worn like an outfit. Tan lines were less of a concern and class was everything. Similarly to my previous post on How To Wear a Sexy Bra Top, this trend is one that can make you look like a super sexy pin-up girl or a frump muffin. Here are some tips when looking for the perfect vintage swimsuit.

1) Choose the right style for your body type. This will be the most important decision that you make for any swimsuit style vintage or not. It is important to accentuate your favorite areas and disguise your least. To learn more about which body type you are, click here.



2) Avoid thigh flaps and poochy bottoms. What does that mean? For many women, disguising their upper thigh and lower abdomen is desired. The image on the left will only draw more attention to the upper thigh. The second image demonstrates the “poochy” bottom. If you want to look like you are in the early stages of pregnancy or haven’t used the bathroom in weeks, go for it but I highly discourage this look.


3) Create an hour glass shape for a true pin-up girl look. Find a high fitted waist, such as the bottoms below, that are form fitting and create shape. Worried about belly fat? Wear this sexy little number. The bold
Lines break up the look and create shape for you defining each area.

4) Build-A-Boob and I am not referring to pads. If you have a smaller bra cup, find a top that creates the look of a larger cup and gives the illusion of balance like the green one below. Avoid styles like the one in yellow. If you have large breasts that you want to conceal, choose a top that covers and supports.


Have style questions? Email me at and I would be happy to help. You can find all of these styles an more at ModCloth

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