Fashion Friday with Alley Collection: Local Designer Bridging The Gap

A menswear line that finally bridges the gap for male fashion. If you are like most males, finding a nice collared shirt that actually fits is a challenge. The arms are often too tight and the shoulders could rip with one small move. Look no further guys. I have found a solution; Welcome to the Alley Collection.

Designed by a local fire fighter for the athletic male. I had the pleasure of meeting the Designers behind the Alley Collection brand four weeks ago at the 440 Brannan New Designer Party. John Robblee and his beautiful wife Laura, are the masterminds behind solving the problem by designing clothes for the athletic male.


His Story

John and his wife were getting dressed to meet some friends for wine and he couldn’t find one shirt that fit him properly. Every shirt he owned was slightly off making him uncomfortable and quite frankly annoyed. We all have had that moment where we completely snap over something not fitting right and that was the moment for him. It was his wife who suggested that he design his own line and after a few wine room napkin sketches, the concept was born.

Named after their dog, Alley, they combine function with durability using only the best materials that are locally sourced and designed. Alley offers a line that includes beautifully tailored shirts, jackets and pants. The website shows a few of the designs but the experience is key. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is unparalleled. The construction is gorgeous and unlike anything that you would find in a local department store.


I had an exclusive tour of the 440 Brannan Design Studio here in San Francisco where artists collaborate to share space and talent. I invite you to visit the shop to see and experience the different that is closing the gap on menswear challenges.

Where to Find Alley

440 Brannan San Francisco, CA 94107

or online at





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