Fashion Friday: San Francisco Fashion Week Mid Week Recap!

Appropriately titled “A New Beginning”, San Francisco’s Fashion Week is in full swing. Workshops, networking, new products, parties and more were just the beginning of what is to come. This weekend there are three runway shows and I am excited to see what they have to offer.

Monday was SFFAMA’s and’s opening party and everyone looked smashing! Style is so personal and everyone rocked a signature look and made waves throughout the room. Here’s a glance of my favorite looks thanks to SFFAMA.


Why I love it: I love the pattern of this dress and the cinch at the waist and defined shoulders create a flattering hourglass shape.

Why I love it: I love a signature statement piece and this necklace frames her collar and creates glam by catching the light.

Why I love it: Not only are these women stunning, they have MAD style. I love, love, love. I also love a girl who can rock runway hair just because she is fabulous! Elegant and cutting edge all at the same time. Well Done!

Why I love it: It is all about the accessories. Two great looks- I love the layering of necklaces on the left and the patterned dress with belted waist on the right.  Her choker style necklace choice is a perfect compliment to bring out her collar bones and break up the space between the top of the dress and shoulders.

Why I love it: Simply elegant. These beautiful women chose gorgeous fabrics that are as free as their signature style. I love the red leather and the combination of different necklines.

Why I love it: Color blocking and awesome hair: Yes, I love hair. These two caught my eye with their fabulous color choices. Complimentary colors in color block form on the left and great bold shoulders on the right.

Wednesday I stopped by the Fashion Bloggers Connect and Trunk Show to see the ever fabulous Mira Torres-Montalvo of the Beauty Bohemian, my new friends Alison Messinger of Eclectic ala Mode and Amy Gilmer of Eliza Louise. I did not get to spend any extra time with Graphic Designer Molly Covert of Rabbit Foot Fern Design; however, she offered me extensive knowledge on the panel and is an incredible resource. I hope to reconnect with them all soon!

Left to right: Mira, Allison, Brad, Molly and Amy. Photo compliments of Mira

The Shoe Line-Up: Left to right: Mira, Allison, Molly, and Amy. Photo compliments to Jess of The Stylepint ***Are you petite? Check out the Styling Series for tips dressing for your body type.

More to come! 

The fun doesn’t stop there. This weekend is runway after runway and I hope to see Sunday nights show. Check out the schedule below. 


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