Empowering World Change: Change Begins With You


“We have not inherited the world from our grandfathers, we have borrowed it from our children” -Kashmiri Proverb

The choices that we make today will not only affect our current global perspective but affect our lives and the lives of our children for generations to come. If you take a minute to reflect on the last ten years and how far technology has advanced, you will see that progress can have an adverse effect as well. We now have devices and communication platforms that were unbelievable ten years ago. Not one person that I know would have ever imagined or envisioned the technology that we have access to today. Similarly, it is hard to imagine how our environment will be in ten more years. Should we continue to make unconscious, detrimental environmental decisions, we, along with our precious children, will be forced to live with the decisions of the past.

This month, Teens Turning Green is bringing awareness to environmental change through Project Green Challege. The hope is to inspire global change one person at a time. Today I will be introducing you to an incredible organization founded by a very determined woman who shares a similar vision. She continues to influence and advocate for positive change while empowering those around her to inspire transition.

Meet Sushanta Bhandarker of Empowering World Change. Her mission is to promote environmental awareness and sustainability through education, collaboration and outreach that inspires children, parents and communities to be involved, share the knowledge, and take small, achievable steps that collectively make a significant contribution toward positive environmental change.


I had the pleasure of getting to know Sushanta over the past year and I am continually impressed by her involvement in our communities and the positive influence that she has on our shared networks. I sat down with Sushanta to find out more.

JS: How do you define green?

SB: Living Green is all about making choices and taking action to lead a healthier and more sustainable life. My motto is to SIMPLIFY life! Every action of ours – what we buy, what we eat, what we trash – has an impact on our health, well being and sanity as well as the planet’s.

JS: Why and how did you begin your organization Empowering World Change? What was the defining experience that made you decide to create it?

SB: In the shower!

On one hot long tiring day as I was taking a long hot shower (and that was the end of it. I am now a proponent of 3-minute showers), my son was knocking on the door as if I was depleting the entire water supply for the planet. Although annoyed, I stopped showering and started thinking. And it was right there and then that ‘Empowering World Change’ was born. In the shower.

I grew up with an early interest in sustainability. Growing up, the concept of reduce, reuse, repair and recycle – basically, do not waste – was always instilled upon me by my parents. Now as a parent myself, I involve my son in making sensible, effective and conscious choices for our family. The sustainability sentiment has been brewing very strongly inside me for many years and my family and I do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint and have minimal waste. But is this enough? Mere sentiment without action is of no use and I felt that I needed to do more to further this process in the community. And with the help of a great team – Naz Saeed and Purvi Patel, this whole process of spreading environmental awareness has been a fun and rewarding experience.

3) when it comes to green products, what are you using and why did you choose those brands?

As I research and learn about the horrors of toxic chemicals in our everyday products, even food, and the impact they have on our health and the environment, it was but common sense to do the right thing.

I try to keep everything very simple. For personal care, grooming products, food: READ THE LABEL. If you think you need a degree in chemistry, ditch the product. There are great tips on our website (www.empoweringworldchange.com) under Healthy Lifestyle and we discuss a lot of this on our Facebook page.

Make note that there is no official definition for green products and there is a lot of green washing out there. Green products are manufactured in a way that makes them toxic chemical free. And they are made in an environmentally friendly manner – right from manufacturing, packaging to disposal. It is crucial that we stop, think, question and research on the ingredients on the label. We owe this to ourselves – it’s a win-win for both us and the environment! It is now a habit to question every purchase and it is really not that difficult to make the switch.

4) if you could share one thing with those who may be hesitant to make the green transition what would you tell them?

Whatever you do may feel insignificant but it is important you do it. Do it for yourself, for your family and friends, for the future or for the planet. Doing nothing is no longer an option for us!

Remember these 5 R’s and make them your mantra: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and after you have done all these, Recycle.

These are the 5R’s of the future!

Empowering World Change provides FREE environmental awareness presentations in school. Please visit their website for more details.

Please visit their website to learn more: Website: www.empoweringworldchange.com
Facebook: www.fb.com/EmpoweringWorldChange
Email: empoweringworldchange@gmail.com

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