Eliminate Age Spots With Light: Lumi-Light

Do you have dark spots on your face or hands? They may be age spots. I made the mistake of buying Designer sunglasses that had little to no protection near the bottom of the lens actually causing the sun to damage the delicate skin below my eyes. I found a solution that works in half the time of Clinique’s Even Better Clinical which I used last year.

This time I wanted real results fast. Fight age spots with light and product. Jane combined the revolutionary Lumi-Light machine and reduced my age spots by over 50% in just a 6 sessions. The light not only treated my acne, it reduced my age spots to where they are no longer visible through my make-up and reduced the redness in my skin as well.

We used a combination of Dermaquest Lightening Serum and their SPF 30 sunscreen applied once a day which expedited the results and protected the work she had just done. ****I can’t stress enough the importance of sunscreen. Check out my before and after pics below. the first is a photo from The end of July. The following are from this morning.

Have questions? Check out Jane Norman’s website: http://www.skincarebyjanenorman.com or
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  1. I have been using Made from Earth products for many years. I am in my late fifties and no wrinkles yet. Yes, many factors contribute to healthy skin such as using sun block, a healthy diet and exercise. But their Olive Night Cream definitely helped to lighten age spots. You can spend a lot more on other miracle cream. But this is a great product for a reasonable price. I use their Vitamin Moisturizer in the winter. This cream has worked well for me over the years.

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