Effective Strategies For Successful New Years Resolutions

It is almost the turn of the year and time for us to chose a New Years resolution.  Here are some tips that will help keep you on track this year.

1) Make a plan and write it down. Take the time to organize your thoughts and goals on paper. Once you have the general idea, then you can break it down into steps. Ensure that these steps can be immediate actions. Which leads me to my next tip.

2) Think big picture and work backwards. Take the ultimate goal and write it on the top of the page. Mentally envision what steps will need to happen immediately before the ultimate goal. Then determine what will come before that to make that step happen and so on and so on until you have reached the bottom of the page and have an immediate step.

4) Make it achievable and remain flexible. Aggressive goals with a large margin for failure will only create angst and disappointment. Create challenging goals that aren’t going to set you up for failure by being too aggressive. Remain flexible so that you have room to move if you need it. ***Think of it like your favorite pair of jeans. They fit really well but not too tight to where you can’t breathe.

3) Make yourself accountable to someone other than yourself. If this is a goal that you are repeating from years past that have failed, clearly being accountable only to yourself hasn’t worked. Find a partner who shares your goal, a mentor or a friend who you can report your progress to. You will be far more assertive that way because you won’t want them to be disappointed.

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