Eat More Veggies! Ways to Incorporate More Vegetables Into Your Diet

Having trouble incorporating more vegetables in your diet? Here are a few ways to sneak in a few more veggies here and there and keep your calorie count low.

1) Make an omelet instead of eggs. Add flavor by throwing in some baby spinach, mushrooms, and onions. You can make it festive to keep it fresh by having a southwestern omelet with a side of black beans.

2) Add a side of veggies to lunch and dinner. Toss a fresh salad to eat before your meal or roast some veggies on the grill over the weekend and eat them throughout the week as a snack or a side.

3) Make homemade soup. Soup is a great way to get kids to eat a variety of vegetables. Incorporate calcium rich, vitamin packed vegetables into the broth and serve.

4) Make a Crudites platter a staple. Serve with a vinaigrette or plain. If you hate raw veggies, blanch them for 30 sec. to a minute and you may just change your mind.

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