Double Duty Must Haves: 5 Beauty Products You Can’t Travel Without

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, many people are planning to travel. Here are a few must haves that can be used for double duty when packing light.

Lip Balm: Keep your kisser soft and moisturize dry cuticles. You can also add a tiny bit to your fingertips and tame fly-away hair or unruly brows.

Hand cream: Not only will this ward off dry skin and chapped hands, it is a great way to reduce or eliminate static cling in a bind. During the holidays, homes are warm and toasty making them drier and static cling is inevitable. Use a small amount of body lotion directly on your skin where the clingy fabric is touching or directly onto your nylons/tights.

Conditioner: Everyone wants soft flowing locks for the holidays. Double your conditioner as a shaving balm. It will keep your legs soft and prevent razor burn without having to pack shaving cream.

Blush/Bronzer: Add a healthy glow to your look with Nars Highlighting Bronzing Blush Duo blush and bronzer in one.

Mascara/Brow Brush: Sonia Kashuk makes a mascara and brow brush in one from her Lashify Mascara Collection.   It’s a great way to tame unruly brows.

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  1. [...] Double Duty Must Haves: 5 Beauty Products that you can’t travel without! [...]

  2. [...] Double Duty Must Haves: Five Beauty Products You Can’t Travel Without [...]

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