Do Big Things and Dare to Dream: Capitalizing on Your Hidden Talents and Skills

We Do Big Things. It still sends an inspiring chill throughout my body when I say that. I watched President Obama deliver the State of The Union Address last night and loved the closing story about Center Rock, a company that specializes in drilling technology. When The owner heard about  the accident in Chile, him and his team designed a rescue system to help. He immediately went to aide the miners in Chile and put “Plan B” in action. Successfully, the miners were rescued and Plan B was a complete success. A small company doing big things.

After listening attentively to this inspiring story, I experienced that ah-ha moment and realized that when I get overwhelmed, I under utilize my skills and talents. I get caught up in the end result and fail to begin.

You can’t complete a puzzle without

putting each piece in it’s place.

It begins with an idea and results in great change which in this case, was heard around the world. Take the story of Nike for example. It started as an experiment that turned into a legacy and a multi-billion dollar company. Imagine that for a minute. A waffle iron to world-wide distribution… hmmm. A small beginning lead to great change.

The point is, we all have hidden talents or skills that aren’t being utilized and there is always something we can capitalize on. Consider Paris Hilton (pre-sex scandal) or Kim Kardashian. These two ladies decided to brand themselves as the scene makers. They were gorgeous and attracted more people wherever they went. They made every list and were touted by club owners and promoters. Eventually, they started capitalizing on it by getting paid to be present. No, we are not going to become Kim Kardashian and her 10 million dollar revenue stream overnight but we can find the first channel that will lead to the next channel and so on. It’s like a choose your own adventure book. Here are some tips to lead you down the road that will help you capitalize on your hidden skills and talents.

1) Join Organizations of Interest: What is your passion? What do you wish you were doing instead of what you are doing now? Choose organizations in your community that have similar interests and participate in them often. Get to know others in the group; they could be future business partners or alliances.

2) Network, Network, Network: Meet people and listen to their story. Are they someone that can help you in the future? Have your contact information handy to pass on as you see fit.

3) Create A One or Two Sentence Advertisement: Sum up who you are and what it is that you do, or want to do, in a sentence or two. Make it interesting so people want to learn more.

4) Practice Makes Perfect: You can’t build if you don’t begin. Start today and whatever it is you choose to do, do it well. It is important to create a competitive edge by doing your very best. You will become reliable to others in the industry which will turn into referrals. Don’t compromise, do everything well.

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