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Brazilian born artist, photographer and most recently designer, Daniela Cunha Lay is new to the runway scene. Although her three-months in the clothing design industry may be limited, she is no stranger to the arts. She has produced dozens of album covers and has been featured in numerous galleries for her stimulating artwork. This line is a natural evolution of her art transforming her work into wearable designs that are fluid statements evoking immediate emotion.


Last week Thursday, I was a guest at the Laly Designs Decades Runway Show in San Francisco where Daniela’s designs were one of five lines that walked the runway. Labeled as DCL Street Wear, she combines her love for art and fashion into casual, one-size-fits all pieces. Like her Studio DCL paintings, her work is designed for open interpretation and to be worn as desired.


Laly Designs hosted various artists to perform throughout the show including one of my favorite musicians, Dave Kim – a show stopping, MEAN electric violin player. Without realizing who Daniela was, we had the opportunity to watch her paint the image above just before the show began. Daniela’s work is seductive, racy and completely captivating, arousing a sense of uncertainty. As an artist at heart, I was immediately drawn to her images and use of bold emotional colors against a black and white canvas. I connected with her philosophies and the inspirations behind her paintings.




Daniela and our gracious host, Hedieh (below), both wore her designs the night of the show. Each piece is hand signed by Daniela and features one of three paintings. Here is a look at her line up close; all of which are available for purchase online at Laly Designs.

Laly Designs, a San Francisco based online retail platform that brings women cutting-edge, forward thinking, and sustainable creations from locally sourced, independent designers. Their mission is to enable small, local designers to connect with their current consumers and discover new ones through their platform.



P.S. This piece below is my absolute FAVORITE! The slit in the back was extremely sexy and moved ever so slightly in a perfect motion as the model strutted by.


Photos #1, 4 and 7 are courtesy of Lexi Kee Photography, Photos #2,3,5 and 6 are courtesy of Laly Designs


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