Daily Deal Product Reviews: Target Outerwear and Weekender Bag

I’m on the road heading to NORCAL so forgive the lame links. So I finally had a chance to use most of my new purchases that I posted on the daily deal and thought that I would share my reviews with you all.

My Target purchases had two successes one miss. The black Moto Jacket was a super hit. The fit is perfect and the size was true. The color has a little gray in it so it isn’t dark black. I would describe it the way new car colors are when you are designing your car online. You can choose black or shimmer black; you get the idea. This one is shimmer black. The feel is weird but the look is cool. I definitely had a stylist touch it and make a weird face so I told him it’s a vegan thing. Don’t hate. For $39 I also wouldn’t be upset if someone accidentally took it home after a night at the club and I was out a jacket. Although truth be told, I would be.

The Tan Moto jacket was a miss. The fit was too big and not true to size. The front flaps were awkward and didn’t lay right. The color was gross and reminded me of gross things. That alone was enough to send it back.

The Croc Weekender Bag was a killer purchase. I am using it as we speak and received numerous comments on it. The shoulder strap is nice because I often pack more than I think and it is heavier than I think so it comes in handy. The look is so chic. I think this was by far the beat purchase I have made in years. $39. Wow.


  1. Great tips on your finds! I’m loving the moto jacket look. FYI, Old Navy has a couple styles of a “moto jacket” in sweatshirt fleece… as in your favorite hoodie gets an uber cool makeover.

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