Cyn in The City: Modern Day Pocahontas- Dressing Up the LBD With Feathers

Everyone wears black to the club so what are you going to do to break up the monochromatic scheme and make your outfit visually interesting? Add color and accessories of course! Pair that with some sexy heels and you are guaranteed an entrance.

We drove across the Bay Bridge in anticipation of another spectacular evening. The lights of AT&T park penetrated the night sky and the reflection of the Ferry Building sparkled against the bay. We watched tourists and locals flood the streets of the Embarcadero celebrating another Saturday night in this fabulous city. PartySF has has done it again by hosting an event at The Parlor on Leavenworth.  We reserved a table, a couple of bottles and the night began with the pop of a cork. The energy was electric and everyone in the club was on the dance floor. Lights flashing, people dancing and the bubbles keep flowing.

We had planned the outing weeks in advance but shopped hours before we left. Courtney and I both found Little black dresses for under $25 at Forever 21. The price point was great and if someone spilled their drink on me, I wouldn’t cry the way I would if it were a designer silk. The key to making your LBD the life of the party is the accessories that you choose to pair with it.  We both added a belt to create shape and visual interest and I chose to add color with two pairs of feather earrings. One in my ears and one on my belt. I wish I had a better photo of the dress straight on but alas, I put down my camera for the evening and had some fun. Obviously these are some party pics…

The Vision

At first I wanted to go with high waist short but couldn’t find any that I loved so I switched gears and decided to create a modern day Pocahontas with a belted waist and colorful accessories. Not the O.G. Pocahontas but a Disney revision with more of a PG rating.

The Breakdown

Note the picture on the right of the dress. The top was draped creating a beautiful neckline that would not require a large necklace so I chose a small Diamonds By The Yard single stone pendant in gold. The gold in the necklace brought out the zipper pockets and the buckle on the belt.

I wanted my hair to be a focal point so I chose my favorite summer accessory, the long Aya Papaya feather earrings. I wore my hair half up and half down with Bridget Bardot height in the back (thanks Christina). The orange and teal colors in the feathers were a great compliment to my darker hair.

The belt, which you can see in the photo above, was a dark brown with black tones throughout coordinating with the earth tones of the earrings. I hooked a second pair of feather earrings into a loop on the belt in bright orange for a pop of color. I wanted to show you in the photo on the right however, the belt was too heavy and fell off so use your imagination.

I choose a basic black strappy shoe with wicked heel height to top off the look. I found some fabulous eyelashes that had serious curl on the ends making the look semi-70′s.

Needless to say, I love fashion Friday and am getting ready to do it all over again. Enjoy your day!

xoxo Cyn


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