Current Obsession: Structured Jackets…Kimberlee’s Pick of the Week!

I’m strung out, in a bad way.  I don’t care if it’s an oversized boyfriend inspiration with cuffed sleeves and a hemline that hangs mid hip and is dripping in rich yellow, or a perfectly tailored piece of fantastic nipping the waist and highlighting some major femininity, jackets are incredible for making everything look amazing and I NEED my Spring fix.  A great structured jacket adds polish, it completes the picture, it brings every piece of a look to a cohesive center making you look like you dressed like that on purpose.

A structured jacket is one of those wardrobe essentials that you should definitely INVEST in (i.e. save up for a fantastic one), so classic colors and prints are crucial as you’ll want this to be something you can depend on as a best friend five days from now or five years from now…though I do challenge you to step out of the black jacket zone if possible.

I adore everything about this structured linen Piped One Button Jacket by Smythe.  The colors are basic, yet the striped pattern in the linen fabric through the body and piped trim add just a kiss of visual interest.  The rockstar oversized button and of course…that unique rear vent…are details that make it sit at number one on my favorite structured jackets of all time list.  And don’t let the shoulder pads scare you, they are back.  Not in the buy them by the truckload and add 2 or 3 to every t-shirt you own kind of 1993 way, but in an only in my good suit jacket if it fits me well through the body kind of way.  Trust me, it’s different.  And better.

Structured jackets for Spring are topping everything.  Jeans and a t-shirt, a knee length sleeveless dress, boyfriend style linen pants…I’d even venture to guess you will see them paired with some well loved broken in denim shorts.  Fantastic footwear required, of course.




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