Creating A Personal Brand: How Do You Present Yourself?

Last November, I posted an article entitled Personal Power Moves: Creating An Enterprise – YOU! Some of you may remember it because I had asked Santa for a Kimora Lee Simmons Barbie Doll. Clearly, I needed a mogul!

Lately, I have been reflecting on creating a personal brand. I feel that all powerful women have a great personal brand. They take great pride in themselves personally and professionally and work very hard at it. So each day, I try to improve one thing about me to better my brand. I understand that change takes time but with each step I am closer to my goal.

This came to fruition after working with a woman who has created a localized brand for herself but has failed to complete the circle. She is known in the community and is well connected. In limited circles, she is considered a fashion forecaster and a trend follower. The problem is that she does not present herself well. Her over all appearance is lacking and frumpy. Imagine how much more powerful she would be if she were a little more polished and pulled together.

Now to some this may sound cruel or rude but the truth is, I am one of many that she presents herself to daily and the feedback is consistent. This example has taught me a great lesson and I started to fear that I too had become lax. Was I that girl? Do people think of me what I think of her? There are definitely days that I get up and just don’t care as much as I should. I don’t take the few extra minutes that would complete my look and really put my best face forward. Of course the answer to those questions is no, but I am human and still think about it. Fear of frump is a great motivator.

So before I climb into bed for some well needed rest, think about this. How will you create your own brand? How do you present yourself and how could you present yourself better? Are you eating properly, drinking enough water, staying healthy and fit to reduce stress and balance emotions? Are you sleeping enough? When was the last time you invested in yourself? Is it time for a make-over? This can be your face, your closet or even your hair. Whatever it is, create a brand that encompasses you in every way. How can you put your best foot forward?

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  1. You bring up such a great point that so many people overlook. Have you read The Leader’s Edge by Susan Hodgkinson? It’s geared toward the corporate world (it was handed to me by a partner at my firm a couple of years ago), but it so applicable to all areas of life with regard to personal branding and meeting our needs as well the as the needs of the people in our lives. :)

    • sugarlips says:

      Hi there! Thank you for reading my blog; I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed it. I will get the book you have suggested from my library and let you know what I think! Thank you again. :) Cyn


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