Color Your Hair Perfectly This Winter: Tips To Compliment Your Skin Tone and Add Depth

When it comes to coloring your hair this fall, it’s important to add depth to brighten up your look and bring out your skin tone. During the winter, you don’t want to have too much contrast in your color. Adding ribbons of medium browns, mahogany, rich velvet browns and caramels will give your look depth and shine. Dark colors tend to shine and light colors tend to be more matte unless you of course you add gloss.

I just had another amazing hair session with Christina, our hair contributor. She specializes in coordinating hair color and skin tones for the perfect complimentary coloring. In the winter months our skin is no longer tan and our noses tend to get a little red. Having the wrong tones put in your hair color can make your nose appear even more red, your eyes look sunken and dark and your blemishes will be more apparent. Yes, you can apply make-up to cover these but it still will not look nearly as good as a correct color would.

The true test is to go in without makeup and see how your skin looks after your color is applied. If your skin appears uniform in color and your eyes are bright, it compliments you. If you really can’t stand the look without makeup, it’s usually a sign. If you automatically appear tired and blotchy, the color is not complimentary. Your stylist may be able to apply a toner to neutralize the color to make it softer against the skin.

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