Color Me Happy: Kimberlee’s Pick of The Week

As trendy as the colored denim craze seemed to be when I first noticed it beginning to grow in popularity in the wee months of 2011, the look has since grown on me and seems far more natural and stylish than it once did.  In fact, I actually find myself coveting several pair that have graced my shopping excursions, in a major way.  Skinny, straight or cigarette styles seem to look far more stylish and grown up than do flares or boot cut when crafted out of color rich denim, but definitely not painted on skinny…just fitted to flatter your shape.

After a trial and error process that was thankfully not captured on film (my rear end would never live that one down), I was the happiest girl in denim land when I struck “gold” and came upon my favorite pair of colored denim in one of the last places I had expected to.  Delia’s, who gears their marketing toward a slightly younger demographic than I, offers some pieces that are perfectly adult friendly.  Case in point?  Morgan low-rise skinny jeans, in color.  Currently sitting in the CLEARANCE section of their online shopping site, the jeans are selling for $9.99 per pair, and are worth EVERY PENNY, and then some.  My purchase was in a color called Golden Rod, which turned out to be far more brownish yellow than pictured, but I still love them.  Next stop, lip gloss pink.

There is a 15” leg opening in the Morgan low-rise skinny jean, which is a far more generous space than most skinny styles I encounter, making for an extremely flattering fit.  The style sits more comparably to a straight or cigarette style than a true ankle strangulating skinny jean.  The spandex/cotton blend offers an amazing amount of stretch, without allowing any sagging or warping by the end of the day.  The color is vibrant, the rear pockets are placed with just a touch of embroidery for a great rear view, and they are available in a wide size/length selection.


***Sugar Tip:  Do not dry these as they contain spandex, regardless of the laundering instructions.  Air dry them after machine washing, you’ll thank me later.


Color me happy, I LOVE these jeans!


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