Coco Eco Magazine: Sustainable Fashion

Sustainability just got a little more stylish. Have you ever wondered what a fashionable world might look like if it incorporated eco-friendly ideas into the very heart of its purpose? Coco Eco Magazine brings you just that. A new twist in the world of fashionable journalism launched in October 2008 by Anna Griffin, Coco Eco Magazine is a digital multi-media lifestyle brand celebrating sustainable fashion, beauty, celebrity and culture.

From runway style breakdowns to beauty tips to they always engaging celebrity stories, Coco Eco Magazine touches on every piece of entertainment we adore about our favorite magazines and points it all to an eco-friendly purpose.

(Check out my fave piece in this month’s issue: Artisanal Denim, The Art of Manufacturing Eco Denim, pg. 26)

Spotlighting sustainable style, amazing beauty products that are environmentally friendly, and stories about health and happiness Coco Eco is an amazing publication is an approachable movement toward a fashionably green world!


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