Closet Basics: 10 Pieces for a Versatile Professional Wardrobe

Spring has sprung and revamping our wardrobes is inevitable. My sister is entering a new profession and she asked for tips on classic pieces to enhance her wardrobe. Having versatile pieces in your closet can help you make your dollar stretch further as well as give you a polished look. Here are my picks for a professional spring wardrobe.

Trench Coat: Everyone needs a great trench coat in the spring. Mornings are chilly and this can complete your look.

Slacks: Every woman should have a great pair of form fitting slacks. The length should be adjusted according to the shoes that you are wearing. You don’t want pants that drag on the ground or ones that are too short unless you are Audrey Hepburn and in that case it’s fine. If you find a pair that you absolutely love, buy two and have one tailored for flats. I caution you to avoid slacks with cuffs on the leg, they tend to shorten your legs and make you look stumpy.

Day Dress: Adding a fun day dress to your collection can add some flirty fun without being too casual. It can be layered for work or worn alone for a summer BBQ.

Black Dress: This is a classic piece that should remain basic yet sophisticated. We all have a wedding or two every summer and this is the perfect selection for any elegant affair. You can also layer it with a sweater or blazer and wear it to work for a professional presentation.

Skirt: A well tailored skirt is a great way to get noticed. It is clean and can be A-line, pencil, gathered, high-waisted etc. Choose a basic color (black, tan, grey) so it can be mixed and matched with numerous other pieces.

Classic Shirt: A classic collar is so sharp! Crisp and bright, this piece is a statement and a great palette for beautiful accessories. Choose one that has great structure and requires minimum maintenance. I like Banana Republic’s “No Iron” fitted shirts.

Sweater: I also like a cardigan or layering sweater in my collection. In my opinion, this is the key to versatility as you can layer any look with it. I like to add a skinny belt at the waist to keep this style from looking too bulky.

Classic Black Pump: This goes with everything and always looks sharp. When in a work environment, a 1-2 inch heel is appropriate and will help save your legs from spider veins.

Blazer: Choose a fit that accentuates your body type. This should also be in a basic color and can be worn with pants to create a suit, a skirt for a skirt suit or over the little black dress or your day dress as well. I particularly like this with jeans on a day off to sharpen my look.

Top with Color: With all of your basic colors for your mix and match pieces, I love to throw in a bit of color. In the spirit of spring, I like something bright but not too loud. I prefer a silk or soft material to keep it flirty. 

Here are some additional pieces that can enhance your look without breaking the bank.

Trendy Splurge: A hot shoe

Handbag: Get one great nuetral colored handbag to complete your look. This can be used for work and play.

Belt: A skinny belt is essential to accent your waistline, or create one.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t knew this, cheers.

    • sugarlips says:

      Hi Isabell,

      You can add casual clothes to this mix as well to enhance your wardrobe. I do suggest staying within the appropriate color palette for your skin tone to look your best everyday. I can always help you determine that if you need me to. Thank you for reading!


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