Priti NYC Makes Biodegradable Nail Polish Remover


Hey green goddesses, look what I found! A totally natural, biodegradable nail polish remover. Stop the press! Is that even true?!?! Yep. My biggest complaint about having beautifully polished nails is taking off the polish once it chips. The smell is terrible and contains (who knows how many) … [Read more...]

Footprints of Food: What you consume and global warming

Every choice we make when buying food leaves a carbon foot print. You probably don't consider this when you are on the go and "starving" and can't wait to shove face on any McMeal in sight right? Well, today is the day for change. Here is a great way to start being accountable for your choices and … [Read more...]

The Bee Keepers Best: Sustainable Green Honey

Stop eating white sugar start eating honey. When I lived on the Big Island of Hawaii, I met a Lawyer turned Bee Keeper who is extremely passionate about his honey and the process by which it was made. This rare, organic, white delicacy comes from a single kiawe forest at sea level on the dry side … [Read more...]