Social Media Defined: Even Your Mom Will Understand


What exactly is social media and what's all the hype about anyway? Basically, it's a way to stay connected with people, businesses and other organizations online. As more and more companies add Facebook and Twitter to their websites, blogs and other outlets, we have seen a surge in engagement that … [Read more...]

Times They Are A-Changin’: Is Your Job Secure?

I read a really interesting article this morning titled If You're An Average Worker, You Are Going Straight To The Bottom by Seth Godin. Of course this immediately caught my eye. After yesterday's Facebook Timeline updates and changing career paths from a high stress, managerial role to a low stress … [Read more...]

New Year, New You! Tips For Resolution Success


This is a year for change for many of us. The economy is beginning to turn and people are spending again and that always feels good. The turn of the year marks change for many of us setting new goals and revisiting old ones. According to, drink less alcohol, eat healthy food, get a better … [Read more...]

Resume Tips From Google


Could Google get any cooler? Not only do they offer some of the best employee benefits and in-office amenities such as haircuts, bike repairs, car washes, onsite gym, fitness classes, yoga and more! They also tell you what they are looking for on a resume and provide formatting tips. To read more, … [Read more...]